What is the Above & Beyond Campaign?

The Above & Beyond Campaign is an initiative that the Grace Adventures Board of Directors, Staff, and many alumni and friends have helped develop and support so that in the future Grace Adventures can impact more youth, adults, and families with Jesus Christ.

Grace Adventures, since its founding in 1948, has primarily been a summer youth camp for kids. As Grace Youth Camp transitioned into Grace Youth Camp and Retreat Center, we have had the chance to impact youth and adults on a year-round basis. Throughout the years Grace has partnered with hundreds of churches, schools, businesses, and other non-profits. In 2006, Grace Youth Camp changed its name to Grace Adventures to reflect our desire to not be viewed as just a youth camp for kids, but as a place where youth and adults can come and have an Experience that Lives On. While the name and our campus has changed since our founding, our mission has remained to Impact People with Jesus Christ.

Today we have come to realize that our world is in dire need of strong Christian families. The modern family is under attack in new ways and is more vulernable than ever before. Rising divorce rates, broken families, inability to communicate effectively, lack of strong parenting skills, and children walking away from their faith are all symptoms of what we see as sin and darkness invading the family structure and home. Without strong Christian families leading the way, our communities will deterioate and continue to fall away from God.

The Above & Beyond Campaign is about Equipping Our Leaders and Strengthening Families to Impact their World. We can no longer be satisified to continue our current course. We must expand our ministry to impact the family as we have never done before.

Create A Ministry Fund

The first is to secure a Ministry Fund. The Ministry Fund is necessary because Grace Adventures has grown rapidly over the years. 20 Years ago we served only a couple thousand people during the summer; today we will serve over 16,000 people year-round through our activities and programs both on-campus and off-campus. To keep up with this growth, we require additional funding to continue to develop the tools and resources we need to impact people on our campus and in the future, even more off of our campus. Our Silver Lake campus is limited as to how many people we can serve and impact throughout an entire year, and many people will never step on our campus. So we must go to them, in their communities, to be able to work with people where they live and equip them with tools to strengthen their families and impact their communities.

Construct A Family Campground

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The second is to construct a Family Campground. The purpose of the Family Campground is to allow families to get away from their busy lives so they can bond and grow closer as a family in a safe and Christian environment. This project will allow us to expand our ministry and reach to up to 1,400 more families a year. Through our beautiful setting on Lake Holiday, families will have the chance to relax, play, learn more about themselves and each other, and grow closer to God by participating in many different programs and activities that will be integrated into their experience.

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