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Have you clearly and precisely defined the purpose of your organization? Does everyone involved in carrying out the mission understand where you are headed? Can people in your organization articulate how their work will accomplish the vision? If you cannot answer the preceding questions with confidence, then you will benefit from Strategic Planning at Grace Adventures.

Imagine everyone involved in the organization with a laser beam focus.

Imagine the power of enthusiasm for shared goals reaching to the dreams of what could be.

Imagine the momentum gained by no wasted effort.

The possibilities are unlimited when the organization creates and understands the strategic plan.

  • Create a concise mission statement describing the what, who and how of your organization
  • Craft a compelling vision that excites people with purpose and a picture of what will be
  • Discover and define the values existing in your organization
  • Set objectives designed to achieve the vision
  • Develop action plans to meet the objectives


Not everyone can be a strategic leader, but every team can accomplish strategic planning. Let the experienced staff at Grace Adventures facilitate strategic planning with your organization.

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