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Can One Week Really Change A Life For Eternity?


I have had the privileged of serving in Camp and Retreat ministries for over 32 years. During that time I have worked with some amazing people who were sold out on making a difference in the world. Over the years thousands have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, been called into full time Christian service or went on to leadership positions in their home, church or businesses.

I have also seen what happens when someone rejects Jesus and is drawn into the ways of the world. We would agree that the world has and is changing. Our young people are being drawn into a virtual world that is not based on biblical truth and experiences. The consequences are a generation of young people and families who refuse to grow up, are not equipped for marriage or parenting, and as a result are not able to pass on the Spiritual Heritage from one generation to the next.

Summer and Family Camps are two ways you can equip your children and strengthen your family to Impact the World With Jesus Christ. We do that by providing a safe, temporary community where trained leaders teach, experience and model God's values and truth in an awesome environment. When was the last time you unplugged from the world to seek, listen and experience God in his creation.IMG DS1 7D 061213-179 WEB

One parent described it this way. "As parents we pray, we love, we discipline, we love some more and then we have to set them free to explore and experience their very own faith journey We are in debt to Grace and its entire staff for coming along side us and challenging our children to live a genuine life of faith."

The joy I have experienced over the years is seeing a young person realize their need for a Savior, watching a college student discover their gifts and begin to understand that God has a specific plan for their life, or a family that takes time to plant seeds through time, memories, teaching and modeling of those truths that they want to pass on from generation to generation. Do you remember what it was like when you said yes to Jesus?

That is what Grace Adventures is all about!

Helping people young and old to know Jesus, to surrender to His perfect will for their lives and to be equipped to tell the story that God has designed specifically for them. Yes, I believe that one week at camp can be used by God to change a life for eternity. Do you know someone or a family that needs a life changing experience?

In His Service,
Steve Prudhomme

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