“I don’t have to worry about the plan because I am equipped.” Five months after her Ascent experience, this was Bri’s take away.

Brianna Wieringa came in eager to get everything that she could out of her experience. She had just started the nine month gap year internship here at Grace and from the very beginning was driven to learn as much as she could. She was motivated to do her work well and to get it done early. Several times throughout her experience she asked if there was more she could be doing to grow, and she meant it. Bri had a very specific set of goals for her experience that she wanted to accomplish and she was willing to work hard to get them done.IMG MR2 7D 1 032115 38 s

But Bri’s experience didn’t go quite like she was expecting, and not everything always followed her careful plans. She learned that she does not have to have control of the plan even though that may be her natural tendency. Bri used to want to know that everything made sense and that she would learn or gain something from it, now she has freedom knowing that she is following what God wants for her life, and God is in control.

IMG PCR 7D 092015 26 sIf you asked Bri about her Ascent experience and what she took away she would first tell you it was “awesome.” The community she gained here and the lessons she took away have had impact that will last for the rest of her life. She would also tell you that having been homeschooled, this was a great step for her to help her prepare to transition into the “real world.” Finally, she would say that the environment here at Grace is one where it is safe for individuals to grow and stretch themselves.

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