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With recently celebrating 50 years on Upper Silver Lake and dreaming for what the next 50 years holds, Grace Adventures has been reflecting on the legacy of what God has done and will continue to do through His people and the ministry of Grace.


As we have been thinking back we also have been reminded of the families that have been integral to our organizational legacy as well. Dale Day is a Board Member at Grace Adventures and his family has a long history with the ministry.dale-day-camp-board-member

Dale’s story begins with his grandmother. Grace Aldrich began helping at Grace Youth Camp during the first week of camp in 1946 until 1969. She was one of the many volunteers who were the backbone of the ministry in the office, camp store, and kitchen.

Grace also recruited several family members to volunteer with her as well, and her siblings were a large part of the ministry too. As her children grew up they became volunteers as well. 

They worked as Athletic Directors and Program Coordinators, as well as Food Service Managers. The way they, and many others, gave of their time in the 1960s truly helped make Grace Adventures what it is today.

Dale begins the third generation of his family to be part of Grace. Dale accepted Christ at Grace Youth Camp as a child sitting at a campfire. From that moment he knew Grace Adventures would be a distinct place for him.

“When a ministry affects your life profoundly with God’s truths, wonderful memories, and friendships you inevitably pass this experience on to as many people as possible.”

Dale had been doing just that.  Each of his children attended youth camp and they came to family camp together. Now, as a grandfather, Dale has the opportunity to send his grandsons to camp and his family has also enjoyed staying at Dunes Harbor together, creating memories that will be passed down to the generations that follow.  Specifically in his grandchildren, Dale has seen the impact of Grace Adventures.

“I can see my grandchildren enjoy each program and hear the truths from God’s word they were taught. In this world today, parents need all the help they can get to teach their children about God and His ways, and Grace Adventures has programs designed with just this intention.”

Dale makes his choice to invest in the ministry based on his family’s legacy as well as his own beliefs in what Grace is doing.

“I see Grace instilling Biblical knowledge and values for multiples ages and stages of life. Grace also has several programs designed to build leadership skills, helping make them responsible and productive members of church and community. My family legacy continues with Grace Adventures because I have experienced the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of the spiritual aspects of each program. “

Dale and the Day family are just one example of a legacy built in and through Grace Adventures. Five generations of their family have invested in the mission of Impacting People with Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for their support, and for the many other families who have given of their time, talent, treasure, and testimony since the beginning.

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