My daughter ran track this spring. It was great to watch her run the hurdles. I was a proud Dad watching her compete in an event I ran many, many years ago. She also ran relays. In track, relays are the only events that do not involve just the individual. A group of four runners has to move the baton around the track faster than the other teams. Certainly speedy runners are a great asset to a relay team. But often the final results come down to how effectively the baton is passed from one runner to another.



Hold on to your seats, but this is no surprise. Things are changing really fast! In our ever changing world, what should change with less frequency? Should not our belief system be slow to change; the set of ideas that help us interpret the world around us. Our beliefs determine what we value, which in turn directs our behaviors. Stuff like honesty, courage, and compassion are relevant if you rode a horse to work or work on a computer.

The foundation of an established belief system can create stability in the rapid and ever changing world. The swirl of new, painting our world can quickly disorient anyone. You can easily lose a solid foundation just trying to keep up with the change.

Back to the relay team. At the hand-off there can be seven other teams yelling commands to the next runner. It becomes extremely important to listen to the right voice. Most teams create their own code words to eliminate confusion. Passing the baton or belief system is the most critical part of success. Part 2 of this blog will look at one of the best ways to pass the baton.

Today, take some time to consider what belief system you want to use as a foundation. This is important for individuals, families, and organizations. Write out those beliefs. As you write, continue to ask "why." If you put down honesty, why is honesty important. The why questions will help you get to the foundation of what you believe.

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