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Positive Peer Relationships (P2R) at Grace Adventures will equip and prepare teachers and students to develop the school as a place where people are respected, heard, and known. Our goal is to provide a learning experience with follow-up to change the culture of the school. A district can take the next step of growth becoming a place where empowered teachers meet excited students to create a motivated learning evironment. This comprehensive program that seeks to make a lasting impact.

Creating a culture of value is a process, not an event; let us help you in the process. The program is an action based learning experience that involves all the senses. Students will be given content through story and media. They will have an opportunity to put learning into practice through activity. At the end of the day, they will have established a vision for their class and specific actions to begin the process.

Create a Culture where:

- Everyone has Value
- Positive Relationships are built
- Everyone is Responsible

Purpose - Creating a Culture of Value where each person is respected, heard, and known

Student Outcomes

- Each student understand that everyone has value
- Each student understanding of how it build positive relationships
- Each student takes responsibility


Teacher/Adult Outcomes

- Get to know each other better
- Encourage one another
- Have tools for relationship building
- Reignite passion for work

"The program that Grace Adventures put together for our Middle School students was outstanding. Starting with a full day at the camp during which students actively participated in team building and pride issues and continuing with at school follow-up throughout the year kept the ideas, excitement and motivation high. I would recommend this program to any school hoping to raise student involvement in positive achievement, involvement and behavior."

-Barbara Gowell, Former Superintendent at Hart Public Schools

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