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A leader is not a tourist, but rather, an explorer in life. A leader takes risks and jumps at every opportunity to learn and grow.

The Journey is a group of courses designed to teach students what it means to lead with purpose—to inspire positive change in themselves and their communities—and fosters valuable skills that will guide them through life.

By combining activity, curriculum, and discussion, The Journey engages students in a whole-brain, experiential learning that has been proven successful. Travelers become independent, critical thinkers that can overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

The Journey is administered by certified guides and provided exclusively by Grace Adventures as part of the Leadership Journey©.

Courses are packaged on an individual basis and range from three hours to six days. Complete The Journey on-campus or at a location of your choice.

We'll partner with your classroom, team, or group to ensure your students absorb the leadership skills and put them into practice. The curriculum can be customized for public and private classrooms and faith-based organizations.

Course Modules Include:

  • Base Camp: Take ownership in becoming an explorer of life, and begin The Journey to leadership growth.
  • Feedback Traction: Give and receive constructive feedback to continue moving your team forward.
  • Process of Leadership: Discover the principles of leadership and what characteristics make a true leader.
  • Canyon of Misunderstanding: Decipher the difference between behavioral styles and personality, and learn how to flex around them.
  • Communication Bridge: Reach a point of shared understanding by communicating through sending and receiving.
  • Conflict: Effectively resolve conflicts, increase productivity, and strengthen your team.
  • Jungle of Uncertainty: Examine the inner workings of a team and what the group needs to be successful.
  • Leaders and Followers: Explore the various roles a leader plays within a team.
  • Possibility Mountain: Learn the five-step process to strategic planning and how to tackle unpredicted obstacles.
  • Life Quest Map: Map your own individualized plan for growing as a leader.
  • Desert of Change: Develop the confidence to perservere through change and setbacks to reach your goals.
  • Mentors: Understand healthy mentorship, what to look for in a mentor, and how to be an effective mentee.

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