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PACE Professional Ministry Apprenticeship focuses on equipping young professionals to be successful and balanced in Christian ministry.

The purpose of the PACE program is to provide college graduates with a short-term, full-time, real camp, ministry experience. That is they will be equipped both personally and professionally in character based servant leadership. It is really two-fold. The first area is that the apprentice will grow in personal character, understanding of camp ministry, and skills specific to camp ministry. The second area is that the Grace will benefit with being able to further its mission and increase utilization. It is the hope that each apprentice would leave with a better understanding of who they are and be fully employable in camp ministry.


If you or someone you know want more information or are interested in becoming a PACE Apprentice, contact Jonathan Banfield at or call our office at 231-873-3662

PACE Program Outline

The PACE Program is a 14-month apprenticeship that focuses on developing students into ministry leaders.  PACE has four components to train and prepare them for ministry and camping ministry jobs

  • Camping Skills Development
    • Grace will train staff in activity areas if apprentices are not already knowledgeable
    • Group hosting and serving
    • Accommodations
    • Group facilitator training
    • Experiential Training
  • Professional Development
    • Complete Cairn Professional Training Series
    • Study of program philosophies
    • Study of camp administration
    • Research, visit, network with other camps and professionals
    • Attend CCCA Michigan Sectional Conference
    • Entry-level camp professional experience
  • Personal Growth Development
    • Focus on Godly disciplines
    • Bi-weekly supervision meetings
    • Christian Worldview education
    • Encouraged involvement in local church
  • Transition Plan
    • Networking with other camps and professionals
    • Completed and updated resume
    • Action steps moving forward after program

PACE Qualifications

  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Solution minded attitude
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Ability to communicate well with others
  • Leadership ability
  • At least 21 years old
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Love for kids
  • Able to stand for long periods
  • Feeling called into minstry or camping ministry



  • Living Stipend of $120 per week
  • Room and Board provided (meals when groups are on campus)
  • Holidays Off
  • Ability to flex schedules
  • Completion of PACE gives 24 credits toward Grace Bible College's Adult and Online Education Program


Servant Leadership

My experience here at Grace these past 15 months has been incredible. I was able to gain a complete understanding of what camping looks like throughout the year. Most importantly, however, Grace helped me grow in Christ-like character so that I could become a more effective servant leader.

Camping Profession

With my interest in camp ministry the PACE program helped me see/experience many different things that I never would have seen or experienced being a camper or a volunteer. It helped me in my choice to pursue a degree in the camping profession.

Hands On Experience

My Internship experience was an intensive, hands on learning opportunity. I was able to work alongside professionals until I was able to get the job done by myself which encouraged me to be self motivated. It was hard work, in-depth and I learned more than in any of my other classes.

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