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What do a horse and a person have in common? More than you may realize. Using the horse as a powerful training tool, we present life building truths in a creative and unique way. Join Chad Coppess or Tim Younglove as they share a message of truth and inspiration dealing with todays issues while they train a horse at the same time. Whether it's an unbroke colt, a rebellious horse, or a seasoned veteran, you will definitely relate and be impacted by this dynamic program.

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For more information or to see how you can schedule a Parable of the Horse Demonstration, please call our office at 231-873-3662 or e-mail Chad Coppess at

Parable Of The Horse Instructors

Tim Younglove

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Tim Younglove is the Ranch Manager at Paradise Ranch.

Chad Coppess

chad coppess
Chad Coppess is the Program Administrator at Grace Adventures and founder of Cross Training Horsemanship.

Parable Topics

Parable of the Horse can be used to illustrate a number of impacful topics and ideas to listeners. Here are some lesson topics you can do:

Character building
Team building
Healthy Relationships

Parable of the Horse lessons are perfect for schools, churches, youth rallies, and professional staff development.

Learning With Parable

I thought the illustration with the horses was awesome because it really made me understand more about what we've been taught to learn.

It Was Awesome

Cross Training Horsemanship was awesome! I'll never stop learning from those sermons!

Impactful Learning

My goal was to fill a gap I feel with my relationship with my daughter, and the answer came during the Parable of the Horse. I learned that I have to change, I have to 'die to myself', I have to let go of the past.

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