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Everyone Is Part Of A Team

Your team may be your family, co-workers, classmates, friends, or teammates, but everyone is part of a team at some point. 

Our experiential programs will help your group move through the stages of group formation to reach the high performance you desire.


How Team-Building Works

The What

Your group goes through our activities designed to stretch your team and build the skills you desire

The So What

Your group examines what went on in the activity and gains new insights from the experience

The Now What

Insight and understanding from the activity is then applied to everyday situations.

New Teams-Group Formation

Change and transition are part of life and your team is no different. Sometimes we need an extra boost to help form relationshships and kick-start progress.

Skill Development

Help develop skills that will take your team to the next level. Cooperation, Communication, Goal Setting, Encouragement, and Dealing With Change can help.

Healthy Relational Leadership

Teams thrive on healthy cutlure and positive relationships. We'll help you develop the leadership tools to bring Unity, Respect, and Integrity in your team.

Designed To Meet Your Goals

Our programs are designed to meet your goals and work on skills and traits you desire. Just let us know what you think your team needs and  we'll help you acheive it.

Home Field Advantage

Our highly trained facilitators can work with your group on our beautiful campus near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes or we can come to you. We design team-building activities for third grade to large corporate groups.

Our 400-acre campus features outdoor and indoor facilities and challenges for any time of year and weather. We have overnight housing, meeting spaces, and food accommodations for up to 300 people.



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