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Ranch Pathfinders

Inspiring Leadership Through Horses

Personal Development

Understand Biblical servant leadership and identify themselves as a potential leader.

Relational Development

Experience positive peer interactions and understand how to have healthy relationships.

Spiritual Development

Confirm their identity in Christ, confront their faith, and go deeper in making it their own.

Ranch Pathfinder Details

Leadership Starts By Serving Others

Pathfinder Camp is the first step in the Paradise Ranch Summer Camp Leadership Program. This amazing week combines intense fun with Biblical leadership training. Your child will enjoy many of their favorite horsemanship activities, including riding lessons and trail rides, and try out some new ones with their team. Through crazy missions, team-building activities, and dynamic biblical teaching they will grow as a leader while exploring who God made them to be. 

The best part, Pathfinder doesn’t end after the camp week is over! They can come back for Ranch Hand Service Weeks with their new friends and Bunkhouse Leaders. Ranch Hand Members help Paradise Ranch run everyday by providing assistance with meal times, helping to manage the herd, leading games and so much more. During the week our experienced Core Staff will be guiding Ranch Hand members, building up the group, providing Bible Study, and engaging the team in personal spiritual development.

Activities Include
Trail Rides, Riding Lessons, Cattle Sorting and Work, Tubing, Ga-Ga Ball, Campfires, Training in Leadership, Worldview, and Godly and Sustainable Relationships, Evening Worship

Camp Dates and Rates


Sunday, June 16 - Friday, June 21, 2024

(Wait List Only!)

$ 630.00

Activities Sand Dunes

Climb, explore, and play games on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes with your cabin mates!

Activities Arena Lessons

Learn proper horsemanship from our highly trained and friendly staff.

Activities Cattle Work

Work as a team to sort and herd cattle.

Activities Trail Rides

Explore our beautiful trails on your horse!

Activities Parable of the Horse

Learn life and Biblical lessons by watching a horse be trained.

Activities Chapel

Gather around the campfire as we worship and learn about God during daily chapel times.

Quality Horsemanship

Paradise Ranch will teach your child quality horsemanship while connecting it all to their relationship with God. But your child doesn’t just learn horsemanship, they will live it out. Every camper will spend caring for, feeding, and riding their assigned horse every day. Through a combination of classroom teaching, riding lessons, and horse games your child will ride multiple hours each day for a true western experience.

Whether your child is new to riding horses or competes in shows, the staff at Paradise Ranch will improve their skills and appropriately challenge your camper to grow while having fun.

Typical Day At Camp

7:30 AM Chores
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM TAWG (Time Along With God)
12:00 AM Horsemanship Lessons
11:45 AM Leadership Block
12:30 PM Lunch
1:15 AM Rest and Relaxation
2:00 AM Ranch or Grace Adventures Free Time
3:30 AM Flex
4:00 PM Afternoon Activity
5:15 AM Flex
5:30 AM Dinner
6:15 AM Wagon/Trail Ride
8:00 PM Club (Chapel)
9:15 AM Evening Activity
10:30 AM Cabin Time
11:00 PM Lights

Packing List

Get prepared for the best week of the year!

See a complete Packing List here

Photos and Camper Emails
You can view photos of your camper by logging into your account and from your Account Dashboard select “View Photos”. You’ll be sent to our photo albums where you can choose your campers particular camp, day of the week, and even select via facial recognition.

You can also send One-Way emails to your camper during their week of camp by logging into your Account or visiting and logging in using your Grace Adventures login information.

One-Way Emails are generally delivered around dinner time each day.

Bunk Mate Information

Campers can request Cabin Mates on the registration form. We will house up to 4 friends together in a cabin. There is even a discount if the friend has never been to Grace Adventures before! See our Bring-A-Friend discount!

Safety Information

Safety is our #1 priority for your child while at Summer Camp!

We know that we can only be effective at building relationships and ministering to campers when they feel safe, valued, and cared for. Our staff undergo multi-week training to understand how to best relate to your child, how to keep all kids included in the camp experience, and to how to relationally solve any problems that come up.

You can view more about our training and safety practices by visiting our Camp Safety webpage.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit when you sign up your child for camp.

Canceling your campers’s camp registration within 14 days of the camp, you are obligated to the full camp fee.

Mailing Letters/Packages
If you would like to send mail to your child while at camp, please mail letters and packages using this format so that we can ensure it reaches your child.

“Your Camper’s Name and Cabin (if known)”
c/o Grace Adventures
2100 N Ridge Rd
Mears, MI 49436

Please send mail early enough in the week so it arrives during your camper’s week of camp.

Camper Scholarships

We never want finances to get in the way of your child experiencing a life-changing week at summer camp.

Through the generosity of many donors, a partial scholarship of camp could make possible to send your child to camp. For more information and an application, please visit our Camp Scholarship page.

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