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GRIT Training

Developing Strong People Through Sports


What Is GRIT

When athletes and teams have the unshakable drive, champion mindset, and unwillingness to quit, they have GRIT. GRIT builds into coaches and athletes an unconquerable spirit, firmness of character, courage, and perseverance to take your team to the next level.

GRIT Training is an experiential program designed for athletic teams and organizations. Designed for coaches and student-athletes, participants will learn through teaching and activity. 

We can offer GRIT Training both on our campus and at your location. Sessions are typically in 2-3 hour blocks.


How To Get GRIT

Experiential Activity

Your group goes through our activities designed to stretch your team and build GRIT traits

Focused Instruction

You choose where your team needs to grow most and we focus on how to get them there

Daily Practice

Your group is equipped with tools and common language to help you succeed

Student Teaching Components

Each component can be an individual program or combined together to create more intensive experiences.


Let's look at your individual desires, purpose, and plan.


Who are you surrounding yourself with and how are you interacting with them.


There are ways you need to grow and that happens through your mindset, practice, and failure.


Pursuing excellence as you experience success, difficulty, and discipline.

2 Hour Program Components start at $10 Per Person at your school*

*$500 minimum


Coaches Training Components

Each component can be an individual program or combined together to create more intensive experiences.

Relationships Matter

You need to get to know your players and build relational connection. Only then can you push them to grow and achieve.

Being A Gritty Coach

You have to build GRIT in your life before you can build it in others’. It matters how you face challenges and adversity, because they are not just hearing what you’re saying but watching what you’re doing.

A Growth Mindset

We'll look at the importance of effort, the benefits of failure, and the importance of deliberate practice.

Getting Maximum Effort

You have the ability to influence your athletes by balancing demand and support. Helping them to break through their perceived limitations.

The Power Of Hope

You can help your players find and believe in the vision of what they can obtain.

Train and equip your coaches to maximize the development of your students

$750.00 Per Presentation (Introductory Rate) Plus Travel

GRIT Training Pricing

At Your School

Option 1

$10Per Person
  • 2 Hour Program
  • 1 GRIT Component
  • Travel Additional
  • $500 Minimum

Option 2

$20Per Person
  • 4 Hour Program
  • 2 GRIT Components
  • Travel Additional
  • $750 Minimum

At Grace Adventures

Day Camp

$40Per Person
  • 9AM-2:30PM
  • Lunch Provided
  • 2 GRIT Components

Team Camp Add-On

$10Per Person
  • Add-On To Team Camp
  • 2-3 Hour Block
  • 1 GRIT Component

Home Field Advantage

Our highly trained facilitators can work with your group on our beautiful campus near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes or we can come to you. 


Our 400-acre campus features outdoor and indoor facilities and challenges for any time of year and weather. We have overnight housing, meeting spaces, and food accommodations for up to 300 people.



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