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Find Answers To Common Questions About Summer Camp
Why Send My Child To Camp?

Summer Camp is a life-changing experience. In our world today that is constantly connected and on-call, camp offers kids the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and connect deeper with God. Kids will experience God's creation, create new friendships, experience new activities, and leave on-fire for God. Our desire is that their camp experience will live on into their home, school, and church life after coming to Grace Adventures.

Do You Offer Any Scholarships Or Discounts?
Can My Child Come With A Friend?
Which Camp Should I Choose?
My Child Has Food Allergies, What Do We Do?
My Child Has Daily Or Necessary Medications, What Do We Do?
How Do I View Photos Of My Camper At Camp?
Do We Have To Pay Anything Up Front To Register?
What's Your Cancellation Policy?
My Child Doesn't Have Any Immunizations, Can They Still Come To Camp?
What Is Your Behavior Management Policy?
How Do You Handle Homesickness?
How Do I Sign Up?

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