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Camp Safety

Safety Is Our #1 Concern

Staff Screening, Training, and Uncomprosing Standards

All of the staff at Grace Adventures go through intensive weeks of training in order to be prepared for the job of being a counselor, activity staff, or support staff. Staff are taught safety procedures for all activities, stages of development in children, behavior management, spiritual training, and how to work in a team based environment.

On-Site Health Officer

here is a Health Officer on-site 24/7 during the summer. The Health Officer is trained to deal with all types of medication and doses, sicknesses, treatment of minor bumps and scratches as well as equipped to deal with any serious emergency that may happen.

Background Checks

Every single one of the staff that works at Grace Adventures has been screened, interviewed, background checked, and reference checked. You can be sure that the staff who are taking care of your child are trustworthy and safe. We take very seriously the selection and training of our staff, from counselor to kitchen staff.

Certified Lifeguards

Our staff are trained to use and run every activity site we have. We certify our lifeguards through the Red Cross, spend many hours training on high-adventure safety equipment, and are trained in group facilitation and dynamics.

Health and Safety

We are committed to your child’s safety. First and foremost.

We are honored to have the opportunity to care for your child and spend a week modeling what it means to be a follower of Christ. However, we cannot accomplish our mission if kids are not physically, socially, and emotionally safe.

That’s why we take very seriously the safety of all aspects of camp. From our activity sites, staff hiring and training, and the health of all who we serve.

In light of the world we live in, we have taken necessary and proactive steps to keep Grace Adventures clean, healthy, and safe.

Relationship Centered Ministry

The mission to impact people with Jesus Christ cannot be accomplished without strong relationships that model Christ-like behavior. Our staff are committed to building relationships with every camper so that they can experience the love to Christ. The staff are also focused on modeling that behavior to other staff and visitors on the campus.
Unified Team

The staff at Grace Adventures are here for one purpose, to impact people with Jesus Christ. That singular mission is behind every activity and event that happens. While staff may serve in different areas of the ministry, they understand that all parts must not only co-exist, but must work together as one body to accomplish the mission.

Meet Our Camp Leadership Team

Our staff desire to create a healthy, safe, and fun environment where Christ can be known

Chad Coppess

Chad Coppess

Vice President of Programming

Mike Johnson

Sponsored Ministries Director

Eryn Moore

Paradise Ranch Manager

Aubreanna Schafer

Sponsored Ministries Manager