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Summer Camp FAQs

Find Answers To Common Questions About Summer Camp

Why Camp?

Summer Camp is a life-changing experience. In our world today that is constantly connected and on-call, camp offers kids the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and connect deeper with God.

Kids will experience God’s creation, create new friendships, experience new activities, and leave on-fire for God. Our desire is that their camp experience will live on into their home, school, and church life after coming to Grace Adventures.

Registration and Cancellation

Cancellation Policy

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit when you sign up your child for camp.

Canceling your campers’s camp registration within 14 days of the camp, you are obligated to the full camp fee.

Do You Offer Any Scholarships Or Discounts?

Yes! We understand that not everyone can afford the cost of camp. Camp is an investment. But we don’t want anyone to be turned away from an experience at camp because of finances.

We have multiple different discounts and a scholarship fund that helps countless kids come to camp that otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Please visit our Scholarship page for more information.

Can My Child Come With A Friend?

Of Course! Campers can request Cabin Mates on the registration form. We will house up to 4 friends together in a cabin.

Bring A Friend Discount

There is a discount if your child brings friends who have never been to Grace Adventures before. You can receive up to $120 off your camp rate if you child brings 3 friends who haven’t attended Grace Adventures before.

Which Camp Should I Choose?
All of our camps are age-graded to meet your child at the developmental stage that they are at. Activities and lessons are scaled to create the greatest impact possible.

Find the camp that fits your childs age and read the descriptions for information about that camp. You can also call our office and we would be happy to talk with you about what each camp offers.

Do We Have To Pay Anything Up Front To Register?

Yes, there is a $100 non-refundable deposit when you sign up your child for camp. The balance will be due 14 days before your camper’s arrival date. You may choose at any time to pay your balance online by logging in.

Life At Camp

How Do I Stay In Touch With My Camper?

We provide free one-way emails for you to send messages to your camper during their camp experience. These messages are delivered daily around dinner time.

We use a service and app called Bunk1 to manage and post photos of your camper during the week. You’ll receive instructions on how to view and access those photos at check-in. You can allow grandparents or other authorized people to view your camper’s photos by selecting “Manage Guests” from your Account Dashboard to give them permission to view photos or send e-mails to your camper.

You can download the Bunk1 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for your phone to receive notifications about camp and updates.

Can I send my camper mail during their camp experience?
Absolutely! If you would like to send mail to your child while at camp, please mail letters and packages using this format so that we can ensure it reaches your child.

“Your Camper’s Name and Cabin (if known)”
c/o Grace Adventures
2100 N Ridge Rd
Mears, MI 49436

Please send mail early enough in the week so it arrives during your camper’s week of camp. You are also welcome to leave mail with our staff at check-in to pass out to your camper throughout the week.

What Is Your Behavior Management Policy?

Our staff go through a minimum of two weeks of trainings including over 20 hours of behavior management training.

If a situation arises, the camper will be removed from the situation and have a conversation to re-contract for future behavior. If the behavior persists, parents will be contacted to make a plan to move forward.

At camp we have a zero tolerance for behaviors like bullying, threat to harm self or others, theft, and assault. If a camper were to display a zero tolerance behavior, the Program Manager will be informed and have conversation with the camper. They will notify parents of the situation and may ask for the camper to be picked up early from camp.

At no point will a camper be deprived of food, sleep or basic needs and corporal punishment will never be used. We expect 2 things from every camper, Respect for self, others, property and Responsibility for their own actions.

How Do You Handle Homesickness?

We know that many kids are away from home for the first time and they may have a difficult time missing family. We desire to create a safe environment where they feel heard, loved and cared for.

We train our staff to look for signs of homesickness and how to have conversations and redirect camper’s attention in positive ways. If a camper continues to have a hard time engaging in camp, their cabin leader will inform a full time staff who will contact parents to work together and decide on a course of action to help the camper have a successful experience.

Unless there is an issue where the camper is no longer physically safe or threatening the physical safety of other campers, we highly discourage campers talking to their parents during their camp experience.

Your trust in us is extremely important and we understand that campers are able to open up emotionally, socially, and spiritually better if they are fully immersed in the camp experience and not contacting home.

“We held off on doing camp for fear of our kids being gone from us and the lack of not being able to communicate with them for the whole week but our son had such a great time and can’t wait to go back next year! He continues to talk about it in random conversations weeks after going” – 2022 Camper Parent

Cell Phone Policy
Campers are not allowed to have cell phones with them during their week of camp.

Camp is all about connection- with God, with peers, and with creation. One way to increase that connection is to disconnect from everyday distractions. Please support this goal for your camper by leaving cell phones at home.

Our staff go through intensive training in order to be able to best care for your camper while they are with us. Some of this training includes behavior management, helping campers work through homesickness, and how to engage their campers and create a safe environment for them. We want each camper to have a fun, impactful, and successful time at camp. Our staff are committed to the emotional and physical safety of your camper and will contact you in case of any urgent need or emergency.

Food Allergies/Medications

My Child Has Food Allergies, What Do We Do?
We are happy to accommodate some dietary needs and restrictions that our guests may have. We are pleased to offer gluten free, dairy free, peanut/tree nut free and vegetarian options. If your allergy/dietary restrictions fall into any of these four categories please inform us at least two weeks prior to your experience by filling out those needs on your online health form. If your allergy/dietary needs exceed those listed above make arrangements to bring your own food.

We will have a designated area in the dining room equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave for individuals bringing their own food to use. Please make sure your food is clearly labeled. In addition to the aforementioned area, a table will be set up that will have clearly labeled food prepared by the kitchen staff in a corner of the dining room.

We will provide a copy of the menu upon request.

My Child Has Daily Or Necessary Medications, What Do We Do?
Please list those medications and dosages on the registration form and bring the medication (in its original container) with you when you check-in to camp.

All summer we have a trained Health Officer, certified as required by the State of Michigan, that is in charge of managing and dispensing medications to campers as well as attending to any unfortunate bumps or scrapes that may happen.

All medications will be returned when the camper checks-out of camp.

My Child Doesn't Have Any Immunizations, Can They Still Come To Camp?
Yes they can. While we highly recommend that your child is immunized to decrease the risk of any potential illnesses that may come onto campus during the summer, your child does not need to have the immunizations in order to attend camp.