(Ages 7 - 9)


(Ages 9 - 12)

Middle School


(Ages 11 - 13)

Treasure Seekers

(Ages 12 - 14)

Rustic Warrior

(Ages 12 - 14)

High School

Venture Out

(Ages 14 - 17)


(Ages 14 - 16)


(Ages 16 - 17)

Ranch Camps


(Ages 7 - 9)

Trail Blazer

(Ages 9 - 12)

Range Rider

(Ages 12 - 14)

Ranch Pathfinders

(Ages 14 - 16)

Ranch Quest

(Ages 16 - 17)

Youth Retreats

Family Retreats

Ranch Retreats

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Main Phone Number – 231.873.3662 ext. 1
Dunes Harbor Family Camp Phone Number – 231.873.3662 ext. 2
Fax Number – 231.873.0283

Grace Adventures

2100 North Ridge Road | Mears, MI 49436

Paradise Ranch

8175 West Juniper Beach Road | Mears, MI 49436

Dunes Harbor Family

2722 North Ridge Rd | Mears, MI 49436

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Which Camp Should I Choose?

All of our camps are age-graded to meet your child at the developmental stage that they are at. Activities and lessons are scaled to create the greatest impact possible.

Find the camp that fits your childs age and read the descriptions for information about that camp. You can also call our office and we would be happy to talk with you about what each camp offers.

How Do I Stay In Touch With My Camper?

We provide free one-way emails for you to send messages to your camper during their camp experience. These messages are delivered daily around dinner time.

We use a service and app called Bunk1 to manage and post photos of your camper during the week. You’ll receive instructions on how to view and access those photos at check-in. You can allow grandparents or other authorized people to view your camper’s photos by selecting “Manage Guests” from your Account Dashboard to give them permission to view photos or send e-mails to your camper.

You can download the Bunk1 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for your phone to receive notifications about camp and updates.

My Child Has Food Allergies, What Do We Do?

We are happy to accommodate some dietary needs and restrictions that our guests may have. We are pleased to offer gluten free, dairy free, peanut/tree nut free and vegetarian options. If your allergy/dietary restrictions fall into any of these four categories please inform us at least two weeks prior to your experience by filling out those needs on your online health form. If your allergy/dietary needs exceed those listed above make arrangements to bring your own food.

We will have a designated area in the dining room equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave for individuals bringing their own food to use. Please make sure your food is clearly labeled. In addition to the aforementioned area, a table will be set up that will have clearly labeled food prepared by the kitchen staff in a corner of the dining room.

We will provide a copy of the menu upon request.

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