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Meet the exceptional team at Grace Adventures! We take pride in delivering extraordinary experiences and fostering meaningful connections. Our dedicated professionals, fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence, are here to assist you with any questions you might have.

If you’re looking for a specific staff member, you can find them listed below along with their phone number and email address. For general inquiries feel free to visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form or call 231-873-3662 ext. 1. We look forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Anderson

Dunes Harbor Assistant Manager
231-873-3662 ext. 111

Abby Banfield

Program Consultant 
231-873-3662 ext. 115

Jonathan Banfield

Internships & Activity Site Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 123

Brett Boes

Partnership Ministries Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 105

We're Hiring!

Assistant Food Service Manager

Chad Coppess

VP of Programs 
231-873-3662 ext. 108

Josh Degraaf

231-873-3662 ext. 149

Doug Fouser

VP of Operations
231-873-3662 ext. 122

Sarah Giovanni

Assistant Partnership Ministries Manager
231-873-3662 ext. 106

Maggie Granlee

Sales Manager
231-873-3662 ext. 101

Debi Hepworth

Business Manager
231-873-3662 ext. 102

Art Hoekstra

VP of Operations, The Shack

Thressa Hoekstra

Business Services Manager, The Shack

Rick Jansen

Partnership Ministries Director
231-873-3662 ext. 116

Mike Johnson

Sponsored Ministries Director
231-873-3662 ext. 130

Luke Kostal

231-873-3662 ext. 112

Kayla Magnuson

Development Director

Eryn Moore

Ranch Ministries Manager
231-873-3662 ext. 152

Granville Moore

Campground Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 110

Mike Nienhuis

Sites and Facilities Director
231-873-3662 ext. 121

Mark Sumney

Marketing & Sales Director
231-873-3662 ext. 129

Angie Ostberg

Office Manager
231-873-3662 ext. 101

Steve Prudhomme

231-873-3662 ext. 103

Hannah Rolff

Recruiting & Marketing Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 126

Gail Salazar

Food Service Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 119

Aubreanna Schafer

Sponsored Ministries Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 125

Heather Smallegan

Assistant Ranch Ministries Manager 
231-873-3662 ext. 133

Ben Vander Kodde

VP of Advancement 
231-873-3662 ext. 104

Hannah Younglove

231-873-3662 ext. 132

We’re Hiring!

We have year round full-time and part-time positions open as well as seasonal job opportunities on all campuses. Select one of the options below to learn more about the different positions or to apply today!