(Ages 7 - 9)


(Ages 9 - 12)

Middle School


(Ages 12 - 14)

Treasure Seekers

(Ages 12 - 14)

Rustic Warrior

(Ages 12 - 14)

High School

Venture Out

(Ages 14 - 17)


(Ages 14 - 16)


(Ages 16 - 17)

Ranch Camps


(Ages 7 - 9)

Trail Blazer

(Ages 9 - 12)

Range Rider

(Ages 12 - 14)

Ranch Pathfinders

(Ages 14 - 16)

Ranch Quest

(Ages 16 - 17)

Youth Retreats

Family Retreats

Ranch Retreats


4 Campuses
1 Mission

To Impact People with Jesus Christ

Grace Adventures Ministries operates across four campuses: Grace Adventures, Paradise Ranch, Dunes Harbor Family Camp, and The Shack. These campuses provide dynamic platforms for ministry, where individuals like you have the incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact. We believe that your unique gifts and talents, regardless of what they may be, hold remarkable potential to empower and uplift those we serve. Together with God, we embark on an inspiring journey at Grace Adventures, where your contribution will leave a lasting imprint on the lives of others. Join us today and be part of something truly transformative.

Grace Adventures

Where our traditional summer youth camp happens as well as serving hundreds more through Sunday worship services, church retreats, and school camp experiences.

Paradise Ranch

Hosts overnight summer horsemanship camps that focus on teaching kids about horses and connecting it to their relationship with Jesus.

Dunes Harbor Family Camp

Our Christian family campground where families come to relax, spend time together, and enjoy the wonders of God in nature.

The Shack

Our Christian retreat and conference center designed for individuals, couples, and groups to come together, relax, and create new memories in a faith-based environment.

Grace Adventures Summer Staff

Positions on our summer camp team at Grace Adventures campus.

Paradise Ranch Summer Staff

Positions on our summer camp team at Paradise Ranch campus.

Dunes Harbor Seasonal Staff

Positions on our seasonal team at Dunes Harbors campus.

The Shack Staff

Part-time positions on our team at The Shack campus in White Cloud, MI.


Internships on our various campuses that equip young professionals in Christian ministry.

Grace Adventures Full/Part-Time Staff

Positions on our full/part-time teams at Grace Adventures, Dunes Harbor, or Paradise Ranch.

Volunteer Team

Volunteer opportunities at Grace Adventures, Paradise Ranch, and Dunes Harbor campuses.