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Positive Peer Relationships

Creating Healthy Cultures That Inspire Change

Three Step Process


All people are created with value and deserve respect. 


Healthy relationships help change perspectives and lives


Everyone is responsible for creating and sustaining the culture


Create A Culture Where People Thrive

We know that your school culture and environment is one of the greatest catalysts for educational success. We want to help you create a culture where everyone is cared for by being Respected, Heard, and Known. We do this by helping people understand that they all have value, the power of relationships, and that everyone is responsible.

Program Details

Our method combines large and small group instruction using experiential activities. The experiential process engages the heart and mind of the participant, increasing the impact of the learning experience.

Creating a culture of value is a process, not an event. We want to help you in that process. 

The Positive Peer Relationships program is an action based learning experience that involves all of the senses.

Process Breakdown


Content Through Story

Engage participants through relateable story and experience

Engage In Activity

Put learning into practice through small group activities.

Establish Goals

Cast vision and goals for what you want your culture to look like


Follow up and hold accountable students and staff

Student Pricing

At Your School

Option 1

$10Per Persion
  • 2 Hour Program
  • School Provides Small Group Facilitators
  • Travel Additional
  • $500 Minimum

Option 2

$20Per Persion
  • 4 Hour Program
  • School Provides Small Group Facilitators
  • Travel Additional
  • $750 Minimum

At Grace Adventures

Day Camp 1

$30Per Persion
  • 9AM-2:30PM
  • Lunch Provided
  • School Provides Small Group Facilitators

Day Camp 2

$40Per Persion
  • 9AM-2:30PM
  • Lunch Provided
  • Grace Adventures Provides Small Group Facilitators

Follow-up visits at your school available for $8 per student, $400 minimum plus travel

Staff Professional Development

Half Day Program


Includes teaching/facilitation

Full Day Program


Includes teaching/facilitation

The program that Grace Adventures put together for our Middle School students was outstanding. Starting with a full day at the camp during which students actively participated in team building and pride issues and continuing with at school follow-up throughout the year kep the ideas, excitement, and motivation high. I would recommend this program to any school hoping to raise student involvement in positive achievement and behavior.

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